Wipe is a very simple program for removing various debris from the user’s computer. The program deletes unnecessary or, it would be more correct to say, unnecessary files, both in the operating system itself and in the target series of third-party programs that accumulate in the system and can take up a lot of space. Speaking of third-party programs, it is worth noting that Wipe supports 110 of the most popular applications and, traditionally for this type of program, has a certain emphasis on cleaning browsers.

From other programs to clean the system of garbage, Wipe is very simple. Unlike most cleaners, Wipe does not support any additional functions, except for searching and deleting unnecessary files. After starting, the program scans the system and gives a list of what can be removed with the possibility of choosing further actions.

Of course, you should not mindlessly delete everything that Wipe suggests – in this case, the user can be left without a browser history, system restore points, and program settings data, which, nevertheless, are not garbage at all. However, in general, the use of the program will save the system from the mass of the truly unnecessary.

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