IObit Smart Defrag


IObit Smart Defrag – program to defragment the hard disk. While the computer is running, files on the hard disk are not recorded in the optimal order, and this program allows you to organize them, which speeds up access to them and increases the speed of the computer. The IObit Smart Defrag interface has a standard structure for this type of program, it is convenient, understandable and all program management functions are obvious.

An important feature of IObit Smart Defrag is the automatic defragmentation mode when the computer is idle. In this mode, the program starts the defragmentation process when no one is using the computer. Another feature is the special defragmentation mode when the computer boots, which is designed to defragment files that are not safe to process after the system is booted (for example, system files, paging files, MFT). In addition to simple defragmentation, the program supports optimization by placing frequently used files in the fastest areas of the hard disk, which increases the speed of operations with these files.

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