UltraDefrag is a very simple utility to defragment your hard disk. The program has a very simple interface and will appeal to lovers of simple, no-nonsense programs. This defragmenter is based on a simple and fast algorithm, due to which it is efficient and fast. Allows you to analyze, defragment and optimize the contents of the disk in several modes. Among the features, the developer emphasizes the possibility of defragmenting

IObit Smart Defrag

IObit Smart Defrag – program to defragment the hard disk. While the computer is running, files on the hard disk are not recorded in the optimal order, and this program allows you to organize them, which speeds up access to them and increases the speed of the computer. The IObit Smart Defrag interface has a standard structure for this type of program, it is convenient, understandable and all program management


Wipe is a very simple program for removing various debris from the user’s computer. The program deletes unnecessary or, it would be more correct to say, unnecessary files, both in the operating system itself and in the target series of third-party programs that accumulate in the system and can take up a lot of space. Speaking of third-party programs, it is worth noting that Wipe supports 110 of the most

Clean Master

Clean Master is the most popular program for cleaning devices with the Android operating system. Now here and for Windows. A very, very simple tool for cleaning your computer from files accumulating over time, which are most likely unnecessary to the user. As a rule, these are cache, remnants of program installers, history files of various actions, system restore points, remnants of third-party programs, etc. The program has a simple

System Cleaner

System Cleaner is a program for optimizing computer performance by cleaning garbage and applying a number of optimizations. The program includes 29 utilities for cleaning the system from unnecessary files and optimizing a number of functions. System Cleaner is no different from most programs of this kind and includes a set of tools similar to competitors. The overall functionality of System Cleaner is something like this: removing unnecessary files, fixing

System Mechanic

A powerful and sufficiently high-quality tool to keep your computer healthy. The program contains a wide range of utilities for all occasions. Some of them are: defragmenting the hard disk and RAM, ample opportunities for working with the registry, optimizing the Internet connection, managing startup programs, deleting copies of files, setting up hidden functions of the operating system, searching and deleting broken shortcuts, removing programs, restoring deleted files, creating hard


NTLite is a tool from the author of such famous programs as nLite and vLite. Like its predecessors, NTLite is designed for modifying distributions of the Windows operating system. If the predecessors worked only with Windows XP / 2003 / Vista, then the novelty is designed for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Changing the distribution kit means editing the very image of the system before using it to